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We shall run for our wildlife, will you?

China House in partnership with Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), Stand Up Shout Out (SUSO) and event sponsors Humane Society International (HSI) present to you:


On Sunday August, 28th 2016, we shall be hosting The Wild Run from 12.00 pm to 5.00 pm. It is a Colorful Fun Run For Wildlife, where we aim to bring not only the conservation community together in Kenya, but also to bring together Kenyan and Chinese citizens to show that only when we work together shall we truly create a forever for our wildlife.

Just like the famous Color Run that happens around the world, we have come together to host a color run for wildlife, with the same concept as when the color is used at events like the holi, drawing inspiration from a traditional Indian festival, Wild Run is fun outdoor activity for wildlife conservation. Participants jog, sprint, walk and trot while splashing in colorful dyes (but bio-degradable, non-staining, environmentally friendly and even edible dyes), demonstrating their commitment to protecting and preserving wildlife and bringing unity and positive energy in the wildlife community in Africa.

The day shall be one all can enjoy, even if you’re not running, from families, to groups of friends, young and old, all are welcome. There shall be great engaging activities, exhibitions of wildlife conservation groups in Kenya. With food vendors, entertainment, a bubbly atmosphere and so much more, it surely would be your ideal Sunday afternoon, even if you do not want to run.

Ticket information: +254 (0)20 6006510

~ Run together, run for wildlife ~