Eliminating Rabies In Matungulu

Eliminating Rabies in Matungulu:Following reports of increased dog bites and a recent death of a child suspected to have died due to rabies after being bitten by a cat in Matungulu sub-county Machakos County, ANAW partnered with the area county government to carry out an emergency vaccination campaign between 2nd 3rd March. 1,449 animals were vaccinated (1,412 dogs, 37 cats) over the two-day period and a total of 684 households reached in raising awareness on the virus. In Kenya, rabies has been ranked as one of the top five priority zoonotic diseases.

ANAW Team Prepares to undertake the emergency vaccination campaign[/caption] Government official undertaking an awareness session with the community[/caption] A young kitten is brought in for emergency vaccination by owner[/caption]
A dog is brought in for the emergency vaccination-Soda Crate acting as the dog carrier[/caption] Copies of Vaccination Certificates provided to animal owners after vaccination[/caption] Community members queue in to register their animals for emergency vaccination[/caption]
Vaccination of a dog in progress[/caption] Entire Vet Team involved during the Emergency Vaccination Campaign (ANAW and the Government-Matungulu Sub-county, Machakos County)[/caption] Government Official mobilizes community members to bring in their animals for the emergency vaccination[/caption]

The fear of the disease in the society has often elicited public outcry and has led to mass baiting of stray dogs using strychnine. Eliminating rabies from the dog population is the key to stopping human rabies. As a key collaborator with the government in the implementation of the National Rabies Elimination Strategy 2014-2030, ANAW has been in the fore front in the fight to eliminate rabies in the country and inculcating responsible ownership of all animals. We wish to thank the county director of veterinary services, Dr. David Waweru and the Matungulu sub-county veterinary officer Dr. Lilian Mutungi and her team for promoting the humane treatment of animals by supporting positive and long lasting mass dog population interventions.

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