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"Did You Know that Transporting Live Chicken upside down is a crime regardless of the distance?"

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Rekindling a Deserved Culture-Historical 1st Watha Festival, 3rd June 2017

Rekindling a Deserved Culture-Historical 1st Watha Festival, 3rd June 2017

Donkeys are better alive! - Marking National Donkey Day May 17th

Business at the normally busy agricultural town of Ol Kalou, Nyandarua County, came to a standstill last Wednesday, 17th May...

Listen to Young Voices! - Marking World Wildlife Day March 3rd

True to this year’s global theme, ‘Listen to the Young Voices’, the World ...

Stories of the Week: A Practitioner's Passion

The Sad Tale of Diani Primates: By Dr Dennis Bahati

...the arm was rotting away with no possible chance of ever healing. The putrid arm clearly indicated there was a high level of septicemia (Bacterial infection) that made the condition more complex. Sadly, the arm had to be amputated.

Live Animals in Learning Institutions: By Dr Dennis Makau

...shortly afterwards, the newest members of our class were introduced: two lab mice in a cage. From the look of it, the mice appeared at peace but, from an experienced eye, the amount of stress was unimaginable....the ultimate euthanasia approach was cervical dislocation...

Sarah Higgins Takes a Bow! By Catherine Chumo

“I simply opened it beak wider, reached in, felt a murky ball of what I thought was digested fish, pushed it aside, pushed deeper, felt for it and removed it!” Ms Sarah Higgins said matter-of-factly at the Naivasha Owl Center. She explained that they did not ...